July 1, 2014:  I attended a Bear Management Public Meeting in Lehigh Acres last night.  Charges were filed in Highlands County (2014 CF0014AX) on 02/28/14 1. Resist Officer W/Violence (F)  2.Batt. Law Officer/Firefighter (F) 3. Intentionally Placing Food in Such a Manner That Attracts Bl. (M)  againist an elderly woman who fed birds in which Bears fed off her bird  feeder.  It was not the first time she did it nor the first time she went to Court.  As the Case has progressed in Court the woman's competence has come into question.  Having participated in the Court system for 20 years I have seen a lot of violent cases not charged or Plea Bargained away.  Pointed out to me last night and correctly so this was filed by the States Attorney....and they certainly DOUBLE DIPPED...the felonies to make a 'POLITICAL STATEMENT' on behalf of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  FWC is like a pit bull when they get their hands on a Felony.  As I pointed out last night all parties involved need to Grow Up and FELONY PROBATION does not have to be a dumping ground for the Mentally ill as it often is.  Maybe with a new Gun  (Judge) in town he will bring some 'Hometown Wisdom' back to Highlands like when he straighten up Hardee County way back when.   

PS:  It is time for the Feds to investigate DC with what has happened a Dade Correctional Institute!!!   

September 21, 2014:  Shock!  In the past week Secretary Crews has fired 32 Correctional Officers in an effort to 'CYA'.  Its an election year and ignoring it and it did not go away.   The Miami Herald would not let it rest.  What is apparent is the Citizens of Florida do not care what goes on in its Prisons as long as they do not have to pay one additional red cent for it.   I blog on LEO.AFFAIRS concerning DOC and it is hard to get even DOC employees to give a damn.  (First curse word used on the site.)  Last night had Governor Scott campaign workers at my door.  Unfortunately, it looks like he is going to "Double Dip" the Governors Office. 

April 20.2014:   DC hasn't changed if anything it has reverted to its old self.  Right now at the prison side since the Republican Cost Cutting has left  the Inmates running the Institutions.  Convicts preparing their own release papers and guns being found inside the prisons.  How has the State responded?  By shutting down all information.   The Florida Legislature is in Session and the Governor, Dept. of Corrections and Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement have withheld information from the Media concerning incidents at Charlotte Correctional Institution.  On the Probation side?  Well,  Officers share one car to go in the field or use their own car and can not declare expenses.  Those reading for the first time may still find my site interesting and "Please and Thank-You" for looking. 

I have always been leery of Facebook and Twitter.  However, X number of years ago I joined for one reason only.  Short Timer former Sec. Buss put DC on Facebook and Twitter so I signed up.  Facebook is now used by many Media Outlets for making "Comments".  ie: The Gannett Newspaper Group, Tallahassee Democrat and Ft. Myers News-Press.  I am  putting a link to my Facebook page for the sole purpose of documenting comments I make concerning Newspaper/Media articles.  Some tongue and cheek some more to the point!


October 21, 2013:  With the capture of the 2 Murders who "Escaped" with a modern day twist Sec. Crews gets National attention with the quote "It's embarrassing"!  Not exactly what Gov. Rick Scott appointed and is paying you for.  The Secretary's only job was to sell off the Florida Department of Corrections.  With Re-election just around the corner the Secretary's quote should make for an interesting sound bite since the Secretary has spent all his efforts tearing DC apart instead of building it up.  Multi-Millionaires like Scott and the Donald usually get the final word in..."Your Fired".


ON JUNE 7, 2013 I finally got fed up with the  STATE OF FLORIDA GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM and FLORIDA BLUE (Blue Cross/ Blue Shield).  What rubs salt in the wound is I have less than 60 days until MEDICARE and the 2 still want to SCREW ME.  Not only do I now pay approximately $584 a month for Health Insurance but they want to take the rest of my Pension for denied Medical Procedures.  So today I purchased the Web name and established the Website ....... www.leemedicalbloopers.com  ......to document some of this nonsense.  VISIT ME THERE.

On May 29, 2013 I called the Agency for Health Care Administration since a demon reared its evil head again about 3 weeks ago.  It seems there is a Florida Statue that states a Health Care Provider can not bill for services provided when Unlicensed.  Hopefully, I will tell you more about this in about 90 days! 

On May 15, 2013 the Florida Dept. of Health SUSPENDED the License of Dr. Y.  The Press release suggests the doctor engaged in running a Pill Mill.  However,  if United Health Care and the Florida Group Health Insurance Program did there job maybe the Citizens of Florida would not have been Victimized. 
SINCE AUGUST 10th. 2012 Ed has fought a battle with UNITED HEALTH CARE over INSURANCE FRAUD in THEIR NETWORK.  Over 75 hours of investigative time was spent trying to reason with them along with hundreds of dollars out of my pocket to prove just that.  Of real interest is U.H.C. invoked a Federal Administrative Rule in refusing to provide substantiating documentation of fraud.  Seems the Florida Group Health Insurance and its Subscribers are fair game under U.H.C. watchful eye to fraud!  My Health Insurance is through the State of Florida SELF INSURED Employee Group Health Insurance Program.  Within their  NETWORK a Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Y., Medical Doctor and Diagnostic Provider had formed an UNHOLY but profitable relationship.  This UNHOLY relationship is based on your normal Florida Auto Accident Medical Fraud Scheme.  The end result was on 06/06/12 the State lost $5000 of its money to this scheme.  SEE PAGE 10  FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Added 02/23/13:  Finally, Law Enforcement and the Community are beginning to hear the real story at Florida Felony Probation.  Check the link below.


Thank You Pasco County for speaking up.  Home of Saint Leo University.  Thank you Sheriff Nocco for your personal response.

Added 02/01/2013:  Below is Ed's post on 'LEO AFFAIRS' at the end of 2012.  Ed strongly believes that the Florida Probation Officer role in the Criminal Justice is being lost to the Florida Politics of dealing with the Prison System.  Does Probations dependence on the Fla. Dept. of Corrections mean all its years of service will be lost to the Greed of the Florida Republican Governor and Legislature?

Postby DC Consultant (Ret) » 12/26/12 10:50:25

"I will not apologize for earning my B.A. in Criminology in Florida but my wish is someone would step forward and explain to the Legislature and the Public that Probation (Community Corrections) is a Honorable Profession which at times has served the Citizens of Florida well and Probation is an intergral part of the Criminal Justice System in all 50 states. Those times that the Citizens have not been served is when Probation has been used as a Political Pawn for our State Politicians.

Every Criminal Justice Textbook differentiates between Probation and Parole.

"Both probation and parole involve the supervision of convicted criminals (Okay Fl is different.), but the systems are distinct. Probation is ordered by a judge; parole is granted by a parole board. Probation is an alternative to prison; parole is the early release from prison." Such a basic CJ Concept.

Felony Criminal Court Supervision vs. Florida Parole Commision Early Release from DC........"   (Check the link below)


Added 03/09/2012:  The Budget is approved!  Let me just say this Republican controled Florida Legislature is one of the most politically corrupt in modern history.  The attacks by Governor Scott, Senate President Haridopolos and Sentor J.D. Alexander on the state employees of Florida and in particular the Florida Department of Corrections is an example of POLITICAL GREED at its worse. Although the Florida and Countrys  Republicans believe they are 'Gods Only People' (G.O.P.) we can only pray the real GOD above will set the record straight and return sanity and common sense to our political system.  Just ask Senator Paula Dockery.  http://www.floridavoices.com/columns/paula-dockery/bait-switch-usf-poly-folly

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR:        The author, Edward C. Hummell was a Florida Probation/ Parole Officer with the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS  from July 13, 1990 to April 15, 2010 and retired from the Department.  Since the Department does not conduct EXIT INTERVIEWS this WEB SITE might just serve that purpose.  The site is currently being constructed and will contain nothing earth shattering if you ARE or HAVE BEEN an employee with the Department.  It does contain the truth which is the least desirable trait to be found in agency leadership.  . This is not a condemnation of all agency employees.   A special thank you going to S.L.  who may have saved my life by using the  HEIMLICH MANEUVER.   But clearly taxpayers footing the bill for $80,000 Circuit Management and $100,000 Regional Administrators  (CHECK THEIR SALARY)  whose sole purpose is to dispell the truth is a poor return on investment for the CITIZENS of Florida.  Everyday employees call attention to the issues and problems facing them and the State of Florida.  The first line of defense for management is what it calls “EMPLOYEE VENTING” which in reality are calls for help, improvement and a return to sanity.  Secondly, management thrives on “FLYING BELOW THE RADAR” which is simply managements concept of concealing the problem (employee venting) and not acknowledging it exists so the next level of management takes no notice.  Much like Ex.  Asst. Secretary Dr. Laura Bedard PhD.  “BLUE RIBBON REPORT”  (WWW. DR.LAURA PHD) that nothing was wrong in the Florida Department of Corrections.  Dr. Laura is now a WARDEN for the private prison group Corrections Corporation of America  http://cca.com  .  The third management concept is that of  "BEING A TEAM PLAYER".  The Department exists because of its concept that you are: ‘EITHER WITH US or AGAINST US’ and there is no middle ground. This is evident by the demise of Secretary McNeils’ notion of ‘SERVANT LEADERSHIP’  (servant leadership)  whose concept died and was buried in its first 90 days of introduction. Some things do not rise from the grave and those that buy into MANAGEMENTS convoluted agency philosophy enjoy the benefits of being a TEAM PLAYER. 

In Florida the accepted notation for Probation has been P&P&P&P  (PROBATION/ PAROLE/ POLITICS/ PRESS) NOT P&P.  I have owned the FPO.com and .NET name for 8 years however, the FLORIDA POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION  (union)  warned me early on that the publication of any (any) negative information could be cause for DISMISSAL. The .com and web hosting has been prepaid for the next 5 years 

                         REMEMBER, " WITHOUT THE SILENCE THE ABUSE CAN NOT GO ON."   http://www.guardianadlitem.org/   

                                                             CONTACT ED AT:   truth@floridaprobationofficer.com

PS: THE SITE CAN BE PURCHASED FOR THE AMOUNT OF OVERTIME WORKED WITHOUT PAY SINCE EX GOVERNOR JEB BUSH AND HIS CRIMINAL PRONE ADMINISTRATION AND APPOINTMENTS (JAMES CROSBY FED. INMATE #31616-018) (Federal Bureau of Prisons) TOOK CONTROL OF THE DEPARTMENT.  The PBA  spent millions electing Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist then turned their back on its CPO membership and allowed the UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICES to continue until present day. 

                                                                                     The clock is still ticking.

You might accept that it is possible to write about YESTERDAY and TODAY but not see into TOMORROW.  Be assured the troubled history of the Florida Department of Corrections repeats itself.  August 24, 2011 Secretary Ed Buss is forced out


and on October 6, 2011 Assistant Daniel Ronay resigns under intense political pressure. http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/criminal/staff-shake-up-continues-in-floridas-prison-system/1195542

Honesty, integrity, ethics and morals do not have a chance when it comes to    Probation, Parole and POLITICS!

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the Tallahassee Democrat, Gannett owned newspaper, for EXTORTING $9.95 a month for information concerning the lives and future of State of Florida employees and retirees.  At the very least their Capitol Report should be free to the Citizens and Employees/Retires of Florida.   

ps:  Come on Ms. Gracia Martore-  'Have a heart.'   (GRACIA WHO)

Because of what was suggested at the Florida Department of Corrections Probation Academy 20 years ago I have maintained an index card on each offender (Supervised Offender Search) I have come to supervise. 1856 cards document just how many families an officer can positively or negatively impact in a community.  A community we live in.  But then there are the 100s of temporary instructions 100s of investigations and 1000s of officer of the day calls that demand the CITIZEN CUSTOMERS receive UNEQUALED PROFESSIONALISM from the officer to the politically appointed Secretary of the Department of Corrections.


MORE:  DC failure to pay OVERTIME while demanding workload compliance? Questionable hiring and promotional practices inside and outside the Department fence?  Years of FALSIFICATION of training records? (B.O.G.O. TRAINING HOURS) http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/   Disappearing case records and demands that public records be deleted?



I came to the agency at age 42 and my resume states early on I began my employment career as an undercover corporate investigator (1971) for major retail and industrial companies.  I managed building supply stores from the Canadian border to the Florida Keys overseeing 30 to 40 employees with million dollars sales +.  I have been a licensed as a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR  for a 14 years and an intern (CC)  for many years before that.   (Your CPO CERTIFICATION and 2 years experience qualifies you under Florida licensing regulations.)  The criminology degree came at age 40. (Saint Leo University)  So why wouldn’t the Department accept the fact I was more than qualified to 'STOP/ LOOK/ LISTEN' to what went on around me?  If the Agency would not accept the above back round maybe it would acknowledge the 19 years PROFESSIONAL training provided by the Department. (EEE-TRAIN)   Maybe, the Agency would accept as truthful an officers statement if we began each day with hand on the Bible, “I SWEAR TO TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. SO HELP ME GOD!.” (DC Oath of Allegence)

Does not this institutional denial by the DEPARTMENT that OFFICERS do not tell the TRUTH invalidate our testimony before the COURT as a function of our employment? 

Who is your HERO at DC?  Who do you look up to?  I asked this question many times over 19 years of my fellow employees.  Almost 100% of the time the  answer was, NO ANSWER!  Such is the legacy of working for the Department no matter who you are.  Every man, women and child for themselves.  REMEMBER, AS PARENTS/EMPLOYEES WE JUST TEAR GAS/STUN GUNNED OUR CHILDREN. 05/2009   www.tbo


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