Since Dec. 23, 2016 emailing the City Manager, Julian Deleon,  of Avon Park my concerns about city street "Stormwater management and drainage" and his response was it  is not the City's responsibility.  

Lori Englert, Off Site Managr for the owner of CLC, Arlene Mink aka Mink 1 LLC, wrote a letter in respnse to the flooding on 03/22/17 to a Sebring Attorney.   Paragraph 2 as follows:

"When the property was purchased in 2004 SWFWMD required Mink to have a drainage system for the entire 175 acre community engineered and present a plan to retain the stormwater runoff.  Somehow, when the community was constructed there was never a plan presented to or approved by SWFWMD.  The study and plan were prepared by Excel Engineering and subsequently approved by SWFWMD.  This plan was executed in 2005 and was designed for the golf course to hold the majority of the runoff."

Florida Statue Reference annexations:

171.062  Effects of anexations or contractions.-

(1)  An area annexed toa municipality shall be subject to all laws, ordinances and regulations in force in that municpality and .....shall... be entitiled to the same privileges and benefits as other parts of tha municipality upon the effective date of annexation.

171.203 in part:

(6) (c) Identify the local government responsible for the delivery or funding of the following services within the municipal service area or unincorporated service area:

1. Public safety.

2.Fire, emergency rescue, and medical.

3.Water and wastewater.

4.Road ownership, construction, and maintence.

5.Conservation, parks, and recreation.


A review of the Annexation Documents does not suggest that Avon Park has delegated back to the Owner of the Property  Avon Park Street "Stormwater Management and drainage".

Since Oct. 15, 2016 meeting with a new On Site Manager Jamie LeMere and again documenting the entire flooding of the lots 207, 208, and 209.  Eventurally, sending a letter to a Lori Englert, designated owners representative, who never responded.

Since March 30, 2016 meeting with On Site Park Manager Larry Gilsrud to document the flooding and being told Management did not have an obligation to inform me the home I purchased was situated on flood prone leased property and the rate of $474.10 a month.  The park had no obligation to correct the situation.

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But, in an Email on 12/28/2016 the City Manager, Julian Deleon, stated:

"The City does not maintain anything related to the drainage.  The roads and drainage were constructed by the developer.

The Southwest Water Mgmt. District issued a permit for the drainage to the developer of the subdivision, not the City.  This means that the property owner is responsible for drainage."

So per the City Manager, the "fix pot holes" recently paved but are not responsible for A.P. Street "Stormwater drainage and management"  Fl. St. 171.203